#69: Adam poole

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In Episode 69 of Founder To Founder, Phil talks to The Safety Compass Founder and CEO Adam Poole.

The Safety Compass is a Work Health & Safety risk management tool designed to help workers assess, manage and avoid dangers in their workplace and help bring them home.

The Safety Compass can also assist insurers with underwriting decisions by providing detailed information on site hazards, sourced directly from the workers and in real time. 

Adam and Phil talk about resilience, tenacity and the future of workplace safety. 


3 key points

  • Globally, a work related fatality happens every 15 seconds and that means 2.5 M people go to work each day that don’t come home (07:12)
  • Safety Compass’s vision is the create a world where everyone comes home from work (10:13)
  • Adam got rejected by 150 investors before gaining investor traction (34:00)