#71: ed onggo

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In episode 71 of Founder To Founder, Phil talks to GiggedIn Founder and CEO Ed Onggo.

In Ed's words, 'I try to live each day like it's my last, but learn like I’m going to live forever. 

I enjoy geeking out on all things tech, startups, personal development, music, neuroscience, and anything else related to becoming the most epic human one can be. Heroes include; Peter Diamandis, Tony Robbins, Naval Ravikant, Naveen Jain, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Tim Ferriss, Ray Kurzwell, Simon Sinek, Jim Kwik, Tom Bilyeu, Mark Sisson, Ray Dalio and lots more. 

The current business I am dedicated to making a huge success is GiggedIn. Our vision is to make shared experiences and going out a weekly habit. Why? Because life is short nothing tops the feeling of being in the moment at a gig or out having a laugh with mates at a show. These are the moments that are key to living a fulfilled and happy life. 

We make more of these experiences happen through our subscription platform that makes it easier and cheaper for our members to access tickets from a curated monthly list of about 150 concerts, festivals, comedy, cinema and theatre shows. We are doing what Spotify and Netflix have done for CD's and DVD's but for all ticketed live entertainment. 

I’ve led GiggedIn through several business model pivots (painful, but valuable learning experiences) to land on the model that is now experiencing healthy growth (~20% MoM). We now help thousands of members have more fun, have raised over $1.5M AUD, worked with over 2.5K events, and are backed by industry executives, tech entrepreneurs, as well as Artesian Venture Partners - one of Australia’s largest Venture Capital firms.

I also regularly guest lecture at Macquarie Uni and volunteer time for UNSW CIE students to talk startups and entrepreneurship because I’ve always got time to spare to support young founders having a crack, plus I enjoy it. 

If you feel like I can help you in any way or you’re an investor interested in getting involved with GiggedIn - feel free to reach out.'

Ed and Phil talk about tenacity, learning and three habits to be a successful founder.


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3 key points

  • Understanding incentives, particularly when building a marketplace business is essential (11:29)
  • Patience, learning and tenacity is a winning combination. Each of these is equal parts practice and mindset (18:20)
  • Stay married to the problem, not the solution. Solutions come and go but the problem remains constant until you nail it! (25:50)