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In episode 77 of Founder To Founder, Phil talks to Educator Impact Founder & CEO Ken Wallace.

Educator Impact is on a mission to support educators because we know better educators mean better student outcomes.

Launched in 2012, Educator Impact is an innovative, evidence-based 360-degree feedback tool that provides teachers and leaders with individualised professional development plans to help improve teaching and leadership practice and enhance student outcomes.

Ken and Phil talk about pivoting from a tradition career to startup, education technology and how to leverage seasonality and three habits to be a successful founder.


3 key points

  • The team at Educator Impact has been pivotal to its success. Their alignment to the mission of helping teachers have a greater impact on students and their learning is one of Educator Impact’s super powers.

  • Educator Impact didn’t realise how important (and how much) seasonality played a role in the business model. As they understood how to manage the seasonality, the team was able to leverage it into a competitive advantage (15:50)

  • Strategy is as much about what to say no too, as it is determining how to capture an opportunity (29.22)