#81: Elliot Smith

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In episode 81 of Founder To Founder, Phil talks to serial entrepreneur and Maxwell Plus CEO and Co-Founder, Elliot Smith.

Maxwell Plus, a Brisbane based start up applying artificial intelligence to improve medical diagnosis. Maxwell Plus uses medical imaging, blood tests and patient data to deliver a fast and accurate diagnosis of prostate, breast, and lung cancer. Before founding Maxwell Plus Elliot completed a PhD in biomedical imaging designing the next generation of MRI scanners.

In this episode Elliot and Phil talk about how to manage being ‘in between’ ventures, how designing a product is often a collaboration between multiple systems and people, and the three habits that founders need to develop to be successful.


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3 key points

  • Fundraising always takes longer than expected. Maxwell Plus budgeted 3 months to raise its first round and it took nearly seven months to close the round (16:39)

  • You get told ‘No’ a lot when you’re building a venture. No only means ‘no’, today. It often isn’t a reflection on you or the work you’re doing (18:10)

  • People need uninterrupted time and space to do deep work. Elliot subscribes to Cal Newport’s philosophy of Deep Work, you can read more about Deep Work here (24:22)