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In episode 79 of Founder To Founder, Phil talks to serial entrepreneur and Fractal Ventures General Partner, Gerard Doyle.

In Gerard’s words, ‘My mission is to help the founders, innovators, creators and dreamers find their customers, to see their product being deployed and fulfil their business potential.

It is rare to find a startup that doesn’t have a unique business proposition. It is unfortunately common to watch startups fail to position their business in the correct light, and to the appropriate audience.

I use my 20+ year of marketing experience combined with my experience as a founder of three Startups to help fellow founders discover and develop the optimal marketing solution for their business. 

You might call me a growth hacker or a part-time CMO, but whatever name you give it, I create marketing strategies for Startups’.

In this episode Gerard and Phil talk about how to manage being ‘in between’ ventures, how investors should think about investing in founders and the three habits that founders need to develop to be successful.


3 key points

  • The faster you realise where your strengths lie, the better and it often takes someone else to help you understand where you play the best. In Gerard’s case, it was a journalist but for others this could be a mentor (09:07),

  • Every venture has a key growth metric, it the north star for the business to grow. Know it intimately and what levers make it go up and down, it will help focus you and your team when the going gets tough AND when the going is good (20:31)

  • Investing in founders is essential to ensure they can be there for the long haul. Sophisticated investors are more and more reluctant to participate in financing rounds where there is no portion of the round allocated to wages for the founders (26:10)