#57: Kim Teo

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In this special two part conversation of Founder To Founder, Phil speaks with serial entrepreneur, Kim Teo.

Kim Teo is Co-Founder of PitchBlak, Australia’s largest supporter of idea-stage entrepreneurs. PitchBlak has raised $20M for their own startups and learned plenty of hard lessons along the way. Alongside continuing to launch their own ventures, they now help founders across Australia to validate their ideas and build a compelling story to get pre-seed investment.

And here are five things you'll want to know about Kim before you meet:

• There's always an audiobook or podcast playing
• Get a kick out of spotting and seizing opportunities
• Say what I'll do and do what I say
• Straight up, respectful, no BS
• ENTP – Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Prospecting

Kim and Phil talk about growth, short circuits to success by leveraging the knowledge of entrepreneurs around the world, how to think about market-place businesses and three habits that make founders successful.


3 key points

  • A shared moment - pay someone $50 to Google your pitch to find out who your competitors really are (EP 59 - Part 1 - 12:16)
  • If you are building a marketplace model, make absolutely sure that the supply side can make money or at the very least there is enough of an incentive for them to keep engaging with the customers on that platform. Spreadsheets can't tell you that and there is a good chance that there is a similar model operating in the world who is working through the supply-side issues. Find them. Work with them and learn from them! (EP 60 - Part 2 - 1:50)
  • Being practical is the most effective way to move between ventures (EP 60 - Part 2 - 10:17)