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In episode 73 of Founder To Founder, Phil talks to Otlet and Shark Share Global Co-Founder Madeline Green.

In Madeline's words, 'When I reach the end of my life I want to be able to look back and know I spent my time wisely, working towards understanding, managing and conserving the biological world around me. I don’t believe there is a need to save the world; instead I think we need to learn how to co-exist. 

I am a marine biologist and molecular ecologist, who studies a variety of shark and ray species.

I am also an entrepreneur and the co-founder of biological sample sharing platforms; Shark Share Global and Otlet.'

Madeline and Phil talk about balancing an accelerating while doing a day job (or in Madeline's case finishing a PhD!), how to manage well-intentioned startup advice, developing grit and three habits to be a successful founder.


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3 key points

  • Understand incentives and how they drive people to use your product but don't be surprised if when they start using it, they use it in a completely different way, that's a good thing! (12:10)
  • When you're getting bombarded with startup advice, remember that you will hold much of the domain knowledge and the context. Frame the advice correctly but at the end of the day, back yourself and your judgement (30:32)
  • Get ready and be good for heading one word hundreds of times: No. This is par for the course and while it might seem overwhelming to be on a streak of 'thanks but no thanks', remember to claim the lesson on each 'No'. All you need to do is ask! (31:40)