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In Episode 57 of Founder To Founder, Phil speaks with Elevacao CEO & Founder, Marisa Warren.

Marisa is a global start-up advisor, investor, social entrepreneur and speaker, who is incredibly passionate about elevating women to higher levels and building a collaborative tech ecosystem. As an entrepreneur, Marisa has built three global businesses from idea stage to revenue producing, and worked in Australia and New York for companies such as SAP, Microsoft and Workday.

Whilst living in New York, Marisa founded ELEVACAO a global not for profit empowering women entrepreneurs to build and launch successful tech businesses. Since ELEVACAO’s launch mid-2015, we've helped over 80 women get pitch ready for investment funding across New York, Sydney, Melbourne and San Francisco launching April 2018.

Marisa and Phil talk about the catalysts for welcoming more women into startups and technology role, how to move between life events and failure and four habits that make founders successful.


3 key points

  • Never give up. Resilience is what separates the successful founders from the rest. Picking yourself up after failure is hard but not impossible (19:43)
  • Following up on a prospective customer, on an investor, on a partner is a simple but secret and potent weapon in creating momentum. (20:08)
  • Suffering burnout is a major risk for entrepreneurs. Eat well, rest and find ways that work for you to stay well. It is an essential and unspoken part of success (20:40)