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In Episode 51 Phil speaks with Australian entrepreneur Matt Parry who founded a brand that is taking on Pringles around the world.

The Good Crisp Company launched in the US market in early 2017 as the premium and natural Pringle alternative.

Today Matt's product is in over 3,000 supermarkets, one of the top ten fastest growing brands in Whole Foods stores and on track to do over $5M in sales in 2018 from $0 in 2017.

Phil and Matt talk about planning for unexpected success, the role of grass-roots sales plays in learning how to manage large B2B deals and the three habits that make founders successful. 


3 key points

  • Don't just plan to mitigate risk, plan to manage rapid growth (6:31)
  • Empowering distributed sales team members to make decisions while making them feel that they are connected and supported by the rest of the team is essential (11:18)
  • Fight to understand your customer and always respect competitors (19:20)