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In Episode 75 of Founder To Founder Phil speaks with journalist and Co-Founder of SportsYear, Patrick Galloway

Patrick is a sports reporter with ABC News in Sydney. He joined the ABC in 2012 after five years working with ESPN in the United States. He was formerly a researcher for Bruce McAvaney at Channel Seven.

Patrick co-founded SportsYear in 2004. 


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3 key points

  • The longer you can be in market, the more likely you will understand who your true customer is and how to meet their need. Startup is a game of survival (9:55)

  • Look beyond people who think your idea and business model is great. Determine if they would actually use your product (15:03)

  • Know your numbers! Even if you’re not a ‘numbers person’. It’s your business. Understand the numbers (28:16)