#86: DR SILVIA PfeiffeR

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In episode 88 of Founder To Founder, Phil talks to serial entrepreneur Dr Silvia Pfeiffer.

Silvia is the CEO of Coviu, a cloud application focused on enabling healthcare providers to set up video consultation services for patients and to collaborate on patient cases with peers. Silvia has more than 15 years of experience with Web video technology. She has previously worked for Google, Mozilla, NICTA, and CSIRO and has been involved in creating the Web standards that underpin the Coviu technology. Silvia has a PhD in computer science, a masters in business management, has published two books on HTML5 video, and one on video consultations for healthcare businesses. 

In this episode Silvia and Phil talk about how to history repeats and why backing yourself when you’re young and not underestimating how much you know (and can learn) is important. They also talked about the three habits that founders need to develop to be successful.



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3 key points

  • Look at how history has played out before. Fast forward to now and people look at the Australian startup scene and see and ecosystem which focused on building companies, not just placing bets on interesting ideas (2:49)

  • The are significant advantages in delivering health services online, not least of which is the ability to help people stay on track with post surgery or injury rehabilitation (9:20)

  • Why exercise, taking care of you and your team’s health and mental health and celebrating small wins is important (16:17)